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Specifications and Scope

Specifications and Scope

1、Steel tube production range:

1)Spiral tube:Φ400mm-Φ3600mm

     Wall thickness:6mm-25.4mm

2)Straight seam pipe:Φ800mm The above

     Wall thickness:6mm-110mm


2、Scope of application of steel:

1)Chinese standard: carbon structural steel:Q195、Q215、Q235、Q275

     Low alloy high strength structural steel:Q345、Q390、Q420、Q460、Q500

2)Us standard: L290 or X42, L320 or X46, L360 or X52, L390 or X56, L415 or X65, L485 or X70。

3)European standard: hot rolled non - alloy structural steel:S235JR、S235J0、S235J2、S275JR、S275J0、S275J2、S355JR、S355J0、S355J2、S355K2、S450J0。

4)Japanese standard: general structural steel:SS400、SS490、SS540


3、Applicable standard for steel pipe

1)China standard:JTS257-2008《Quality inspection standard for waterborne engineering》

     TB10212-98《Railway steel bridge manufacturing specifications》

     JTS167-4-2012《Code for pile foundation of port engineering》

     SY-T5040-2000《Spiral welded steel pipe for pile》

     SY/T5037-2000《Spiral seam submerged arc welding steel pipe for low pressure fluid conveying pipeline》

     JTG/TF50-2011《Technical specifications for construction of highway Bridges and culverts》

     GB50268-2008《Code for construction and acceptance of water supply and drainage pipelines》

     DL5017-2007《Hydraulic engineering pressure steel pipe》

     GB/T150—2011《Steel pressure vessel》

     GB/T9711.3-2005《Technical conditions for delivery of steel pipes for petroleum and natural gas industry》

2)American standard:API5L-2007《Pipe and pipe specification》

     ASTMA252-90《Welded and seamless steel pipe piles》

3)The Japanese standards:JTSA5525《Steel pipe pile》

4)The enterprise standard:Q/HZ001《Straight welded steel pipe for pile》